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The Body is a System (by Partydog)

Image of The Body is a System (by Partydog)


The Body is a System
By Partydog
Published by
The Cavalry Press
24 pages b&w
6.825" x 10.25" SS
ISBN 978-0-9831814-1-5
Shipping March 2011

Partydog leaves behind the Puke City and hurdles us through the forest in the middle of life. This VHS tape is an artifact of our journey. Join the po-faced protagonist as he finds out just exactly what lies out in the woods. And yeah, if you don’t get it, we’ll hammer it into your heads, the body is a system.

“A classic of wandering, meandering, pointlessly trudging, circling and exasperating loads.”
– 4chan

Partydog is a mysterious individual who may or may not exist. Some say that he’s a time travel machine that got stuck in the future, and can only communicate with the present in the strange drawings he faxes in from one of Kansas’ moons. Partydog’s extensive web projects include “Dog a Day,” “FFFF,” “Puke City” and “Anarchy Anarchy Anarchy.”

FER A LIMITED TIME: Partydog's moving to Canada. We're donating a dollar to his efforts to get the fuck out of Kansas for every copy of TBIAS sold. Be that really creepy secret santa and buy yr friends copies of this weird-ass book; it'll help a brother out.